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Copic Class Lesson 6

January 27, 2011

Lesson 6 was on coloring clothes and our first digi was soooo hard to color!  Here is my first attempt and her critique: 

The critquing: Your color choice for the yellows is great! There is very little contrast between the colors. I am not seeing a highlight in your dress. Also, your light source is from the side but, she is colored this from an overhead light source perspective. If you wanted to achieve a side light source. The right side of her dress would have more shadowing than the left side of her dress. You did a good job in placing the shadow underneath, her arms, hair, and basket:) I am guessing you over blended this. If you have time, try again, using the MFB technique and reserve your area for a highlight.


 Paula’s 2nd attempt: 

Lisa’s critique: The red one is very pretty. You are getting the shading in the rightareas just not enough of it. Love the smoothness of the blending and color gradiation.





                                                                                        Mama’s attempt:

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