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Creating Space with Copics Class

February 8, 2011

This is another copic class I’m taking.  

This class is on Crafters Digital Art Center.  The link for the site is:   www.priscillastyles.ning.comCopic   

The girl teaching the class is  Jayleen from

This week she is teaching about atmospheric looks of a picture or levels of a picture.  It is a artistic way of looking at what you are coloring.   It is not so much about the copic markers as it is the look of the over all view of the picture.   I really like it so far.   It has made me look at the whole process differently.   Again, this class is different from other copic classes I have taken and I really like the different approach.  Learn…. Learn…. Learn…. 

 First attempt.   Don’t look so much at my coloring inside the line skills.   *laugh*.   Look more so at the over all attempt of the background, what is closer, what is closer than that…. and what is the closest and the coloring of those levels of depth of the picture items. Hopefully, that makes a little sense.   Her video was great at explaining it.   So, for more information, look her classes up from her blog.  Here is our first assignment:

For a closer view, click on the picture.

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